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Delivering “speed of light” access to enable your connected life

GigOn Design, Build & Operate Gigabit to the Door (GttD) fibre optic networks! We specialise in new build developments & rural communities creating a level playing field between Metropolitan & Rural areas! By providing GttD we are allowing individuals to leverage the true power of the internet!

Gigon Internet Connection
Current Internet Connection

Meet the new experience

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Buffer free life & high speed streaming!

View, listen & interact with high definition online content free

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Super fast downloads!

Enjoy a snappy internet experience

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Seamless access to a connected life!

Don’t let your connection speed limit your ability to stay connected

Live a city fast life with a view!

Buy that nice house in the country you’ve always wanted & create a good work life balance! thanks to the GttD network!

Create a smarter development!

Lay networks as you build not after you finish!

Orange House Smart Development Lines
  • Add value to property

    People are prepared to pay more for a GttD enabled house

  • Increase the chances of property sales

    A fibre optic (GttD) enabled house is more attractive to house buyers

  • Open up your client market

    By enabling a connected lifestyle for your client

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Reduce your carbon emissions by having your development fibre ready

  • Enabling the “internet of everything”

    Give yourself the ability to deploy new home technologies

Open Access Networks

Reduce Capex

Reduce your CAPEX exposure!

Coexist on risk free infrastructure & improve time to market!

Increase Customer Base

Increase your customer base

Access new customers via our GigOn GttD fibre optic infrastructure & enable an alternative market for the “internet of everything”

New Online Services

Deliver new online content services

High definition on demand TV, cloud services, bandwidth hungry applications

On Demand

Meet the demand for mobility

Grow your mobile coverage by utilising GigOn infrastructure